Math is Fun


We've been getting in a lot of new books lately, including a bunch of math books,but they are not workbooks filled with boring pages of practice problems, they're funner books with real life stuff. One series,  Math on the Job, is for little kids (preschooler-1st grade). These  books cover counting, sorting, measuring, For a little bit older kids(grades 3-6), the Core Math Skills series also covers math concepts, but also word problems in real life settings, for example, in  Math on Halloween, one problem is how much money would you spend if you needed to buy three packages of makeup at $15 each. Finally, in the Math in Sports series , readers learn how to use math skills to find averages, percentages, and other stuff for football, baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, and auto racing. For example, you  might use touchdown to interception ratios to rank quarterbacks.