Maud Marks ... Books and beyond


The Maud Marks' collection extends beyond reading materials. As customers walk in the door they see a glass cabinet displaying objects of interests.  One time there was  a special collection of medals from our local  veterans; another time just collections of simple pleasure - trains, dolls, tea cups, hot wheels (which brought quite an excitment among young customers)

During the first week of school the cabinet displayed lunch boxes featuring popular TV shows in the  60's and 70's. Children enjoyed seeing the superheros: Star Wars, Batman, and Superman; while the adults reminisced on shows they loved:  Beatles, Welcome Back Kotter, H. R. Puffnstuff. 

Celebrating the Hispanic Heritage Month this month, customers will view a collection of Mexican culture: dolls, hats, fabrics, and musical instruments.  The display cabinet always provides pleasant experience to the library customers.  If you have a collection you want to share, please visit our website