May Activities

May activities are up on the library's event calendar. Check out the many programs and services that are available to you here. Proudly serving the community of Cypress since 1984, Northwest Branch Library strives to provide innovative services, programs, and activities for customers of all ages. If you would like to ask a question about a particular service or program, please contact the Northwest Branch Library at 832-927-5460 or via email at 

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when I click on the "here"

when I click on the "here" link for the northwest may and june calendar's the title at the top of the page says Aldine Branch Library schedule of events. So which is it? A calendar for Northwest branch with the wrong title, or the calendar for Aldine with the wrong link? Thanks

Hyperlink has been fixed,

Hyperlink has been fixed, redirect should take you to the correct calendar. The events calendar can also be reached from the branch home page as well, click on events calendar on the right hand side of the page and you will also be redirected. Thank you for noticing the technical error.