Meet Representative John E. Davis & "How To Do Business with NASA" Workshop

Meet and greet Representative John E. Davis along with SCORE Representatives on Saturday, July 26 starting at 10 am in the Community Room.  

Immediately after, Chuck Williams and Kelly Rubio, Small Business Specialists from NASA's Johnson Space Center  will be presenting an interactive workshop on How to do Business with NASA.

Attend this workshop and get the answers to questions, such as:

How do you gain access to decision makers?
What qualifications are needed to bid?
What information is included in the bid?
What is the procurement process and where are bids submitted?
Do I need to be certified to be awarded a contract?

Take away knowledge of:

The procurement process and the solicitation methods.
The types of products and services are sent out for solicitation.
Best practices when bidding on contracts with public agencies.

*Registration is required.  Register online or call the library at 281-488-1906.  Refreshments are provided by the Fresh Market's Webster location.