Memorial Day

Since I did a blog about Memorial Day last year, I wasn’t sure about doing one this year without repeating myself. In fact, I already had another blog subject ready to go. That will wait. Because I just felt I needed to focus on this coming Monday and what it means.

In November, in celebrate Veterans Day. We acknowledge all that we owe to the men and women who have served in the Armed Forces. But in May, we observe Memorial Day. We strive to remember those who gave their all for their country.

Normally, for something as serious as this, I would recommend documentaries for viewing.  Sometimes, however, seeing real events dramatized has a different impact. As though we’re watching in real time, rather than hearing an account of an event.

So here is a list of films and television mini-series that are based on true stories. They remind us of the sacrifices made by those who served – and those who loved them.

This Monday, please take a few minutes to remember.


The Fighting Sullivans? Oh,

The Fighting Sullivans? Oh, there's a story of sacrifice that I'm not certain many people have heard of nowadays. Thanks for including it among your selections.

That is true. Most people

That is true. Most people probably don't know about the Sullivan brothers. When the movie came out in 1944, the story was common knowledge. The Sullivans were five brothers who were in the Navy together during World War II. They were on the same ship, the USS Juneau, when it was hit by a Japanese torpedo. The movie stars Thomas Mitchell, Selena Royle, and Anne Baxter. It's a film that shows the price some families have paid in service to their country.

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