Mid-September Progress Report for Our Seabrook Branch

As of September 8th

Busy, busy, busy! The building is progressing nicely and is on schedule. This is a view from N. Meyer Road. The side where the blue loading machine is sitting is where the drive up service window and book drop will be located. Our branch will be the first one in this end of the county to have a drive up service window. That's worth getting excited about!

Below is the Kingwood Branch drive up service window, just to give you an idea of approximately how it might look.


Now is that cool or what?



It's really coming along.

It's really coming along. What's the forecasted opening date? I can't tell you how much we have missed our library. Sincerely, Betty Heverly



Thanks for asking. The building is scheduled to be finished in mid-February 2011. If everything stays on schedule, we hope to be open by late Spring.

Greg Burns