That Might Be a Problem: New Issue-Driven Books for Teens

Rustic Mirror 2 by jonhildyYou might be tired of me saying it, but if you haven’t already registered for the Teen Summer Reading Program, now is the time!  You still have until August 6th to read or listen for 600 minutes or read or listen to 5 books.  Get started on your summer reading by picking up some books that have just come out or are new to our shelves!  Below is a list of some new issue-driven books for young adults and a couple of new adult issue-driven novels that might appeal to teen readers.  What do you recommend?

New Issue-Driven Books for Teens

through her eyes bookjacketcompulsion bookjacketbitter end bookjacketbitter melon bookjacketleverage bookjacket






i will save you bookjacketthen i met my sister bookjacketrat bookjacketthe adults bookjackettighter bookjacket






rotters bookjacketpipers son bookjacketkick bookjacketwonderland bookjacketrecovery road bookjacket






karma bookjacketfamily bookjacketsummer of the bear bookjacketillegal bookjacketmiles from ordinary bookjacket





Flickr CC: Rustic Mirror 2  Photo by: jonhildy