Mining the Inspirational Western

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Like all genre fiction, westerns are subject to certain conventions of form. Violence and sudden death are endemic to the western just as spaceships and aliens are to science fiction. And just as in any other type of popular fiction, the conventions can get a liittle stale once in awhile. After all, a steady diet of death and mayhem may not necessarily be good for one's health. Besides that, it can be rather depressiing.

In this case, the inspirational western can be a breath of fresh air. Subject to most of the cliches of the genre, the story assumes a larger backdrop that may be overtly stated or covertly implied. In a world where evil too often seems to win and go unpunished, this type of western always takes place in the context of a larger story where good will ultimately triumph and evil will get its just reward.

Until recently, I had no idea of the sheer number of westerns produced by the Christian Fiction market. Series abound, as do the names of many prominent authors of general Christian fiction. If this appeals to you, follow this link "christian fiction western stories" and find out for yourself what gold lies in them there hills.