Monday at the Little Blue Library

Today is Monday and we have our Story time in the Garden at 10:30 am.  Today the subject is Animal Paws.  It will be under the Tree House.  At 4 pm will be our kids program making Teleidocopes.  Yes, you read that correctly. TELEIDOSCOPE.  This will be for ages 6 to 11 and will take place under the Tree House.  Tonight at 6 pm, we will have ESL with our beloved Cindy.  It will take place at the Mercer Botanic Center.  The address there is, 22540 Aldine Westfield Rd. If you have any further questions about ESL and the location, please call Cindy at 832-927-5480.  So come by and see us at the Little Blue Library and see for yourself what we have going on.  We would love to see you here!

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