In the Mood for Love (or Not): Valentine's Day @ HCPL

Valentine's Day is coming, and for all of you born-romantics who have been planning the perfect Valentine's Day for months, Harris County Public Library salutes you. You give us all hope. But the fact is that the one day a year that is set aside to celebrate love in all its heart-shaped, chocolate-covered splendor inspires mixed emotions (if not outright disgust) in many of us. It's not just folks who are between relationships and those who have heard the "it's not you; it's me" spiel too many times who mark the February 14 with a big black X.

It's people who have been with their partner so long that the romantic dinners and horse-drawn carriage rides and forests of red, red roses that were once tingle-inducing, now seem rote. It's people who don't react well to pressure--even if (perhaps especially if) that pressure isn't coming from anything or anyone in particular, but from some ill-defined notion of "What is Expected of You." Sorry to say, HCPL can't do much about the ambivalence so many of us feel. We can, however, offer a few recommendations that may make a good day better or a not-so-good day more bearable. 

For Couples with Kids   

      Romantic At-Home Dinners: Sneaky Strategies for Couples with Kids by Nan Booth and Gary Fischler

For Those Who Forgot to Make Reservations

      Dinner After Dark: Sexy, Sumptuous Supper Soirées by Colin Cowie

      Valentine's Day Sweets and Treats by Ruth Owen

For Those Who Forgot to Make Reservations and Need a Distraction Because They Burned the Soufflé

      Hoopla Streaming Music (From Barry White to Ravel's Bolero and beyond)

For Those Who Prefer Their Romance Between the Covers

      HCPL has tons of Romance fiction that runs the gamut from inspirational to steamy

For Those Who Prefer Their Romance Between the Covers and Like Surprises (Young Adult Edition)

      Blind Date with a Book @ Kingwood Branch Library

For The Rationalists

      Why We Love by Helen E. Fisher

For The Relationship on the Rocks

      Relationship Rescue: A Seven-Step Strategy for Reconnecting with Your Partner by Phillip C. McGraw

For Those Who Prefer It on the Rocks

      Cocktails: Classics and Trend-Setters With and Without Alcohol by Alessandra Redies

For Those Who Know It's All About the Chocolate

      Chocolate Bliss: Sensuous Recipes, Spa Treatments and Other Divine Indulgences by Susie Norris

For the Do-It-Yourselfers (of all ages)

      South Houston Branch Library 
      Fleece Heart Pillow Craft (Adults)
      Monday, Feb.9. 1:30 PM

      Crosby Branch Library
      Make a Valentine Trinket Box (Tweens, Teens, Adults)
      Monday, Feb 9. 4:00 PM

      Clear Lake City - County Freeman Branch Library
      DIY Valentines (Teens)
      Wednesday, Feb 11. 4:30 PM

      North Channel Branch Library
      Valentine's Day Craft (Pre-school & School-age Children)
      Wednesday, Feb 11. 4:30 PM

      Kingwood Branch Library
      Discovery Thursday: Valentine's Day Edition (School-age Children & Tweens)
      Thursday, Feb. 12. 4:00 PM

      Evelyn Meador Branch Library
      Decorate Valentine's Cookies (Tween, Teens)
      Thursday, Feb 12. 4:00 PM

      Barbara Bush Branch Library    
      Anti-Valentines (Teens)
      Friday, Feb. 13. 4:30 PM

      Northwest Branch Library
      Valentine's Day Story & Craft (Children)
      Saturday, Feb 14. 11:00 AM

      Baldwin Boettcher Branch Library   
      Family Valentine Craft (All ages)
      Saturday, Feb 14. 2:00 PM

For Those Who Like Their Romance in Theory Rather Than Practice

       Her (Videorecording) directed by Spike Jonze

For Those Who Like Their Romances Tragic (Old School Edition)

       Romeo and Juliet

For Those Who Like Their Romances Tragic (New School Edition)
       Fandom Film Frenzy: Hazel Grace vs. Mia @ Atascocita Branch Library. Registration required
       Thursday, Feb 12. 4:30 - 7:00 PM

For Those Who Like Their Romances Tragic (But with Lots of Singing and Dancing and Bouffant Hairdos)

       West Side Story 

For Those Who Like Their Romance Oscar-nominated and/or with Characters Straight Out of the DSM (But with Lots of Dancing and a Bouffant Hairdo of Two)

       Silver Lining Playbook


Whatever you choose to do on February 14, your friends at HCPL wish you all the best. If all else fails, come see us. We'll give you a smile.