More Jazz @ the Library

The Atascocita Branch Library had a Jazz Party last night. 

For photos of the program CLICK here

To celebrate Black Hisory Month, B.O.L.T (Board of Library Teens) sponsored "The Jazz Cafe."  This program was a huge hit with 45 adults, teens and children attending. While sampling food from African American history cookbooks, families listened to jazz presented by the Thomas Band. Since everyone had such a lovely time last night, I have complied a list of materials that you can share with your family.

From the whippoorwill's call on the first day of spring through the first snowfall, Edna and members of her family gather fruits, berries, and vegetables from the fields, garden, and orchard on their Virginia farm and turn them into wonderful meals. Includes facts about the life of, Edna Lewis a descendant of slaves who grew up to be a famous chef.

Includes recipes for stawberry shortcake, corn pudding, apple crisp, pecan drops and nut-butter squares.

 Cooking by Angela Shelf Medearis

Introduces the influence of African-based foods, cooking techniques, and traditions to American culinary history.

 Before John was a jazz giant: a song of John Coltrane by Carole Boston Weatherford

This lyrical picture-book biography of John Coltrane focuses on his childhood and how he interpreted sounds before he made his music.

 Jazz A-B-Z by Wynton Marsalis and Paul Rogers; with biographical sketches by Phil Schaap

A collection of poems about different jazz performers from A-Z.

The Trumpet Stop [web site]

This Web site provides visitors with information on trumpets and cornets. Listen to audio clips of the trumpet being played and meet some of the musicians that are famous for playing the trumpet. Read the biographies and view the pictures of some famous trumpet players such as: Wynton Marsalis, Miles Davis, and Dizzy Gillespie. In addition, there is also an index of images to view.

PBS Jazz for Kids [web site]

Created by P.B.S., this Web site is an online resource designed to teach children about the history of Jazz. Learn about cool jazz musicians, make your own music, or improvise! There is also a timeline of major events in the history of jazz for kids to explore.