More Than Words

"There is more to reading together than just saying the words." This statement graces the activity page of a pamphlet entitled Shining stars: pre-schoolers get ready to read. Copies of the pamphlet are available at the Aldine library on a bookshelf in the children's area across from the circulation desk.

Produced by the National Institute for Literacy, this guide presents ways parents can help their pre-school age children (during the ages of 4 and 5) get ready to read. It suggests talking about the story with your preschooler, asking "Why" and "What" questions when you read. Also, the publication suggests talking about words and their sounds, including new words children are not familiar with.

At the end of the resource, there is an excellent checklist parents can follow to help their child with reading. Included in the checklist is the suggestion to point out signs and labels that have letters such as street signs and foods in the grocery store.

This pamphlet is a great literacy resource. Get your copy in the library today or find it online.