Like Mother, Like Daughter

It’s not unusual for children to follow in the footsteps of their parents.  A talent or interest for certain professions seem to run in families.  Sometimes it’s to carry on a business.  Sometimes it’s because the child grows up seeing the parent making a career and wants to do something similar.  Whether it’s farming or manufacturing or being a doctor or a teacher, parents and children will often travel along the same path. 

And it’s certainly not any different in acting.  Over the decades, we’ve seen children follow parents into show business – whether the parent wants them there or not.

Like anyone, I have my favorites among acting families.  Sometimes the line goes on for more than two generations.  (Drew Barrymore is actually the fifth generation of the Drew and Barrymore acting families.)  I like seeing the similarities and differences in the acting styles and roles that the parent and child choose.

If you’d like to compare and contrast the careers of members of well-known acting families, check the list below for some famous mothers and daughters.  You’ll probably find favorites – and maybe even a few you didn’t know were related.

Lisa BonetZoe Kravitz
Kate CapshawJessica Capshaw
Blythe DannerGwyneth Paltrow
Joanna DavidEmilia Fox
Judy GarlandLiza Minnelli
Goldie HawnKate Hudson
Tippi HedrenMelanie GriffithDakota Johnson
Diane LaddLaura Dern
Phyllida Law Emma Thompson & Sophie Thompson
Janet LeighJamie Lee Curtis
Peggy LiptonRashida Jones
Jayne MansfieldMariska Hargitay
Vanessa RedgraveNatasha Richardson & Joely Richardson
Debbie ReynoldsCarrie Fisher
Diana RossTracee Ellis Ross
Meryl StreepMamie Gummer