Mother, Dearest Mother!

M is for Mother, most Marvelous mother to me
O is for the One and Only good thing that ever happened to me
T is for the Tender love she’s given me since birth
H is for the Heaven that all mothers represent on earth
E is for an Exceptional lady, who else can that be
R is for the Reassuring comfort only mama can bring to me

I was taught this song in my elementary school and I have never forgotten it ever since even though I no longer have a clue that who wrote or sang this song but the words will never cease to warm my heart.

I am absolutely certain that they will for you too because you love your mother too. Do you know why we love our moms so much? That’s because they deserve every bit of it and because we can’t go by our life without them and we can never say enough thank yous. We celebrate Mother’s Day every second Sunday of May to let them know what they mean to us. Let us too get together on May 7th, Tuesday at 10:30 AM for Preschool Story time to express our love and gratitude to our moms.



Can you mail me the singer

Can you mail me the singer who sang it in the 70's. Will be obliged