Movie Guides Based on Mood

I enjoy watching movies and my favorite way to find one is to pick a film based on how I feel at the moment.  A few months ago, when I felt like watching a movie, I would recall as many titles as possible and try to come up a few that fit my mood.  It wasn't exactly easy to find just the right movie, until I found three guides in the HCPL collection.  It's been a cinch to find one ever since. 

Try the guides for yourself and see what you think: 

Flickipedia:  Perfect Films for every Occassion,  Holiday, Mood, Ordeal, and Whim by Michael Atkinson and Laurel Shifrin



Cinematherapy by Nancy Peske and Beverly West




Advanced Cinematherapy by Nancy Peske and Beverly West




Once you've created your ultimate movie moods list, you can search for your film selections in our catalog.  Also, be sure to browse through the latest DVD additions to the collection.