Movies I Thought I’d Hate – But Now I Like

I admit it. Sometimes when I see commercials or previews for some TV shows and movies, I think, “I wanna see that! Looks great!” And then there are times when I see ads and think, “That looks terrible!!!” and “I know I’d hate it!” When it comes to the latter, I don’t even bother seeing the movie. My mind’s made up. And then, I finally break down and see it -- and, sometimes, I like it.

Take Quentin Tarantino. While I think he’s a good storyteller and director, I’m not his biggest fan. Never thought I’d get hooked on any movie of his. And then I watched Kill Bill: Vol. 1 on TV one night. Well, then I had to see Kill Bill: Vol. 2. to find out what happened. Since then, if I’m checking the TV schedule and either movie is on, I have to stop to watch. It's the story of a woman who's beaten and left for dead, who loses her child as a result, ends up in a coma, wakes up, and starts tracking down those who tried to kill her so she can take revenge. Now that’s a wild ride from start to finish. Uma Thurman stars as the mysterious woman who lets nothing stand in the way of vengeance. Throughout the film, Tarantino pays homage to Chinese and Japanese cinema. Bloody, violent, outrageous -- and at times darkly humorous -- I like it better than Tarantino’s more highly praised movies.

Comic books and graphic novels are being used more and more for big screen movies. I read comic books – mostly Superman -- for a while when I was a kid but then got out of the habit. So I was unfamiliar with the X-Men phenomenon and not really interested in seeing the first X-Men movie came out. I finally saw the DVD with some friends who were fans – and kicked myself for not having seen it on a big screen. It was great! I confess to loving angst-driven characters, and who can beat Wolverine for that?

When it comes to comedy, I’m not the easiest person to please – or make laugh. And I’m not one for a lot of the silly comedy movies that have been released in recent years. However, two movies took me by surprise. Movies I thought would never appeal to me: Zoolander and Blades of Glory. Ben Stiller stars as Derek Zoolander, a top male model who gets caught up in brainwashing and an assassination plot. Yes. An assassination plot. Blades of Glory features Will Ferrell and Jon Heder as figure skaters who have been banned from competing in the singles category and decide to become the first male-male team in pairs competition. Their first program together never fails to make me laugh. Scott Hamilton nearly steals a few scenes with his earnest commentary on the skaters’ performances.

Have any movies surprised you this way? You’re sure you won’t like them but you do?  Which ones would you watch again and recommend?