Movies & Music: A Holiday Tradition

origami ornamentChristmas is my very favorite holiday. I love everything about it. I love that Christmas lasts all month and one radio station plays nothing but Christmas music. I love trimming the tree and hanging stockings, baking cookies and eating them, too! I love giving presents (and receiving presents), dreaming of a white Christmas, and spending time with family. Most of all, I adore singing all my favorite Christmas songs and curling up on the couch and watching all my favorite Christmas movies.

It seems that no Christmas movie is complete without the accompanying soundtrack of popular Christmas songs. Some of today’s most beloved holiday songs originated in a movie - and sometimes not even a Christmas movie! Other Christmas songs were so popular on their own, that entire movies were created around them. Either way, Christmas songs and movies are inextricably connected.

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Christmas Songs First Introduced in Movies or Musicals:

Polar ExpressA Charlie Brown ChristmasMeet Me in St. Louis

Christmas Songs Often Associated with Specific Movies:

ElfFrosty the SnowmanSanta Claus is Comin' to TownWhite Christmas

Flickr CC: origami ornament Photo by: divadea