Moving! Moving! Moving!

Wednesday, March 17. Four eighteen wheelers of furniture and 3 panel vans, 20 carts each, several runs per van all on one day, plus the shelving installers finishing the install of shelves and you have the beginnings of chaos. 
Throw in the library staff helping move supplies and loading the books from carts to the shelves and the furniture installers starting right in with install almost before the trucks were unloaded and I believe it went from beginning chaos to a full-blown whirl-wind of activity.
Thursday, March 18. Looking at yesterday after a good night’s sleep I can see that we had the very good fortune of excellent workmen and library staff. All waited their turn patiently for elevator rides to move their furniture or books; everyone helped each other, no matter which crew they belonged to or which job needed to be done at that moment. We were fortunate indeed. 
I arrived early to let in the workers and before anyone came I walked through the building. It was like my birthday at every turn, something new and perfect for that spot. The library is beginning to take shape and it will be magnificent!
It is early and already the workmen are arriving to finish installs – I’m holed up in an office with boxes piled all around me, patiently waiting my turn to have the office furniture assembled and put into place. I believe this will be the only time I have to document this madness before I hopefully forget it. I’m likening this to childbirth – I’ll love the results and forget how I got to them.