Murder Past Due

 Murder Past Due by Miranda James is a gentle mystery.  Charlie Harris, archivist at his alma mater in Georgia is enjoying life with his Main Coon cat named Diesel when his life is disrupted. Famous author and former classmate Godfrey Priest appears in his office to tell Charlie that he is donating all of his papers to Athena College library.  Charlie remembers Gregory as arrogant and manipulative and wonders about his motives.  While chatting Godfrey tells Charlie that the student who is renting a room at Charlie’s house is the son that he didn’t know he had.  Before the day is over Gregory has sent one man to the hospital and is found dead in his hotel room.   Is the killer Jason, the student rooming at Charlie’s, Jason’s mother, or someone else from his past?  Charlie must dig though the town’s past history to find the killer before the Acting Chief Deputy Berry arrests the wrong person.