My Classic Movie Evening

movie cameraI was watching TCM the other night when they offered their monthly guest programmer's favorite movies on the schedule.  This month's programmer was Neko Case, whose favorite movies included two on my personal list, Radio Days and The Third Man.  As I watched the in-between-movie short "Dogway Melody," I wondered what movies would make my list if Robert Osborne were to call and ask me to be a guest programmer.  First would have to be my all-time favorite movie, Jean Renoir's Grand Illusion.  The drama of war, a great escape, love across borders, plus Jean Gabin.  What more could you ask for?  Next would be My Man Godfrey (William Powell version, thank you), followed by Singin' in the Rain (representing fun musicals) and Duck Soup (which still makes me laugh after countless viewings). 

Okay, Mr. Osborne, I'm ready.  Any other classic movie programmers out there?  What would make your list?