My Journey Beta Testing for Pottermore

On Monday morning @ approximately 9:30 am, I discovered in my personal email something I had been waiting a month for. My Pottermore welcome email.  I excitedly jumped into the experience as one of the first million people invited to be Beta testers and began my journey.

Pottermore's main aspect at this time is let users explore scenes from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone through beautifully illustrated, partially animated, interactive drawings.  As you make your way through the book, you receive your wand with Harry as well as are sorted.  You catch a snitch and discover what is in the 6th floor corridor and collect various items from the books and gold.  You learn to cast spells and brew potions. 

Since it is Beta testing, there have been a few bugs.  For example, I brewed a sleeping potion last night, which takes about 2 hours, was congratulated on brewing it correctly, awarded house points.  I clicked to continue, but then got mail saying that I didn't brew it correctly, my potion wasn't in my stores, and I didn't get my house points.  Definitely frustrating!  I also haven't yet had the opportunity to duel since the dueling section of Pottermore is under maintenance, but for the most part I believe that by the time the site opens the the millions that are waiting to get in in October, the site will be brilliant.  If you love the Harry Potter books, this website is definitely for you!