On My To Read Pile...

d-221 books by azrastaI don’t know about you, but I always seem to have an ever-growing “To Read” pile at my house.  Some things get shifted around within the pile (i.e. “this one is due next week and I have to read it ASAP” or “I’ve heard such great things about this, I just can’t wait to read it”), but, without fail, as soon as one book disappears from the pile, I’ve got something new to readily take its place.  What is on your “to read” pile?

On Mer’s To Read Pile:

chime bookjacketstrings attached bookjacketbitter end bookjacketthe kissing game bookjacket






love inc. bookjacketbig girl small bookjacketbig thirst bookjacketsean griswold's head bookjacket






exposed bookjacketwonderland bookjackettrapped bookjacketkarma bookjacket






blood on my hands bookjacketterezin bookjacketpink bookjacketblink & caution bookjacket





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I have several books! LOL

I have several books! LOL :D I have LOTS in my 'To Read' pile! One that im just DYING to read is a book called Hunger. It's the sequel to the book Gone by Michael Grant. I recomend it to everyone!

I've heard wonderful things

I've heard wonderful things about that series.  Let me know how you enjoyed the sequel!

- mer :)