My Top 10 of 2010

2010Making a list of the top ten of anything is an incredibly difficult task, but I thought I might look through my journal of everything I’d read in 2010 and take a stab at a personal Top 10 of books published in the past year. I read so many wonderful titles in the past year, but there was no way I could have included them all and I had to make some very difficult decisions to limit my final list to only ten books. And I certainly couldn’t have read every book published in 2010 (!), so let me know what I’ve missed! What would you include on your personal Top Ten?

Mer’s Top Ten of 2010

they called themselves the kkk bookjacketcosmic bookjacketannexed bookjacketincarceron bookjacketostrich boys bookjacket






will grayson will grayson bookjacketbirthmarked bookjacketsorta like a rock star bookjacketfever crumb bookjacketnothing bookjacket