Mysteries to Go @HCPL Digital Media Catalog

Click image to view full coverFor Christmas I received a book reader and have enjoyed using our  HCPL Digital Media Catalog to check out books to read and listen to.   Dead Man's Folly by Agatha Christie was one of several books I downloaded.  Aridane Oliver, well know author is staging a murder hunt for a village fete but senses something is wrong and calls her friend Hercule Poirot to come down and help her.  Hercule comes and is on the spot when a real body is found instead of the pretend corpse in the Murder Hunt.  Poirot uses his "little grey cells" to solve the murder of the local girl and bring to light old sorrows and crime.  The Digital Media Catalog has many other popular authors including Charlaine Harris, James Patterson, James Cross, Joanne Fluke, Navada Barr and many more.  If you prefer to watch a movie there are over 200 mysteries available for you to download to your pc including many classic films like Algiers.  For more information about the downloadable e-books click the 'Getting Started' button on the HCPL Digital Media Catalog or call your area HCPL branch library for more information.