Mysteries in History

AlienistI love to read historical mysteries.  I don't know if this began when I read Caleb Carr's The Alienist for the first time or with my discovery of Anne Perry's William Monk series, but the fascination hasn't dimmed.  Most people who read in this genre are attracted to a particular historical era and some of my favorite settings include Victorian England, post-World War I Europe, and Ancient Rome.  In just the World War I category are great authors like Charles Todd, Jacqueline Winspear and Rennie Airth exploring the psychological effects of war and solving mysteries (because we do need SOME closure). 

To make your way through history, literary style, try some of these :

  • Abel Jones series by Owen Parry, set in the midst of the Civil War with a Welsh detective who comes to assist Abraham Lincoln
  • Medicus by Ruth Downie, about a military doctor in Roman-occupied Britain
  • Elizabeth I series by Karen Harper, where Queen Elizabeth I not only rules, she solves mysteries
  • Samurai mysteries by Laura Joh Rowland, featuring detective-samurai Sano Ichiro in 1690 Nagasaki
  • Benjamin January series by Barbara Hambly, set in 1830s New Orleans featuring a detective who is a musician, a surgeon and a freed slave

Any favorites you'd like to share?