Name that Tune!

tv pictureDo you ever find yourself watching a television show when suddenly you hear a great song playing in the background or you hear a new song on the radio and you keep driving around the block to discover the artist?

Well, the next time that happens, check out a few free apps and websites that will find the song and artist in just a few clicks. You can even find songs you hear in advertisements.  


shazam icon

Shazam - free app for iOS and Android mobile devices that listens to recorded music and returns the song title and artist in just a few seconds. It will also display the lyrics so you can sing along.

soundhound iconSoundHound - also free for iOS and Android and the same listen and return features as Shazam along with song lyrics.  SoundHound goes one step further though, you can sing or hum a song and SoundHound will work its magic to find the song title and artist.

tunefind screen shotTuneFind - if you missed using your mobile app to find a song in a television show, then head over to TuneFind and view a list of songs played in popular prime time shows. 



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