National Diabetes Month

November is National Diabetes Month, a time for increasing awareness of the growing disease.  To get involved, and for information on living with diabetes, as well as food and fitness resources, including holiday recipes, visit the American Diabetes Association website.  For more information on diabetes and healthy cooking, visit the Fairbanks Library or access our electronic resources from home.  At our library, you will find the magazines Cooking Light, Prevention, and Yo Con Diabetes, as well as numerous resources on our shelves at 616.462 and at 641.563.  Access Diabetes in the News, Better Nutrition, and Prevention through MasterFILE Premier. The Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center includes the magazines Vegetarian Journal, Cooking Light, and Delicious Living.  Browse by category to view all healthy cooking recipes and articles, or try searching for diabetes or diabetic with the advanced search which allows for limiting by document type, such as recipe.  Health Source:  Consumer Edition  features helpful health resources, including the book “20 Tasty Recipes for People with Diabetes”.

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