Nebula Awards Showcase 2013

 "I protest the idea that emotion and logic are two mutually exclusive lands separated by a wall of  our perceptions. In my experience, the analytic and artistic threads of human endeavor are so thoroughly entangled, it is impossible to separate them."  -  Catherine Asaro, Nebula Awards Showcase Editor

She goes on to comment that this year's anthology of stories illustrate well those ideas. The stories range from an ingenious play on a famous mathematical axiom, to genetically modified dancers compelled to follow the instincts of the avian DNA they were spliced with, speculative work from various subgenres, to unique combinations of science and the arts. The stories are rich with the nuances of relationships and emotions, portrayal of both real and imagined cultures, ideas and ways of life, and representations of what our humanity is and what it could perhaps be.

Some of the authors featured in this year's collection include Katherine Sparrow, David W. Goldman, Kij Johnson, E. Lily Yu and Geoff Ryman as well as many others. Drop a comment and share which story was your favorite!