Neverland is a scary place!

Good afternoon fellow Horror Buffs! I find that I'm getting really lucky with all the horror novels I've read lately. Every title I pick up seems to be a winner!

Today's pick is Neverland by Douglas Clegg. Neverland takes us off the coast of Georgia to Gull Island where our family summers. On this particular summer, Beau Jackson finds his cousin Sumter playing around in a torn down shack. Sumter explains that the shack is really Neverland where his god Lucy lives. Bored and wanting to get away from the arguing adults, Beau and his cousins escape to Neverland. Things turn dark when Sumter starts asking the cousins to do various bad deeds which include killing and sacrificing animals. These activities make Beau second guess his participation with Neverland and starts a mental battle between good vs evil.

Neverland is a deeply disturbing yet fascinating read. The fact that the kids are the ones participating in such acts made me very nervous but I could not put the book down. I needed to see what happened between Sumter and Beau and Neverland. I hope that you get a chance to pick up Neverland and read it for yourself.