New Chick Lit & Romance Reads for Teens

Dance of Love by KjunstormThis post is a shout out to Laura and all the other fabulous romance readers out there!  Whether you’re already an avid romance or chick lit reader or you’re new to the genres, you might consider looking for one of these books that have just come out or are new to our shelves.  What do you recommend?

New Chick Lit & Romance Reads for Teens

chopsticks bookjacket

the story of us bookjacket

out of sight out of time bookjacket

selection bookjacket

interrupted bookjacket





unraveling isobel bookjacket

lovetorn bookjacket

butterfly clues bookjacket

scarlet bookjacket

the difference between you and me bookjacket





cross my heart bookjacket

wanderlove bookjacket

life is but a dream bookjacket

fine art of truth or dare bookjacket

pretty crooked bookjacket





stalker chronicles bookjacket

catastrophic history of you and me bookjacket

shooting stars bookjacket

breaking beautiful bookjacket

freshman year bookjacket





Flickr CCDance of Love Photo by: Kjunstorm