New ESL Conversation Class On Tuesdays!

Do you know an English Language Learner who would like to practice speaking in a non-judgmental place?  Let them know about our new ESL Conversation Class.  This laid-back class gives beginners and advanced learners a chance to practice their English skills.  While our building is closed, this class will take place every Tuesday at 12:00 PM at Bear Creek United Methodist Church, 16000 Rippling Water Drive.


pls advise when conversation

pls advise when conversation class end on every Tuesday and what i should prepare for class, also advise registration process i details thnks and regards

Hello Lieu, the Conversation

Hello Lieu, the Conversation Class ends at 1:00 PM so it is 1 hour.  There is no registration required, just show up.  We will be discussing different topics each week.  It is just a casual class for practicing English.  Thank you for your question!

Is the class still on going?

Is the class still on going?

Hello Gracia, yes the next

Hello Gracia, yes the next class will be on Tuesday, 1/9/18.