New Faces at Kingwood!

You may have noticed new staff that you don't recognize.  The library opened at the absolutely worst time due to the budget constraints that hit Harris County, but we have been gifted by several other Harris County branches who are sharing their staff with us.  Each department has what we call "permanent loaners" or staff who come from other branches to help us. 

We have in Circulation, David from Aldine, Cinda from Tomball, Debbie from Katy, Anthony from Barbara Bush and Monica from High Meadows.  In Children's Services we have Jane from Octavia Fields, Christie from Bear Creek, Kathleen from e-Branch at the Administrative Offices, and Elizabeth from Freeman.  In Adult Services we have Carolyn from Crosby, Greg from Evelyn Meador/Freeman, Diana from Maud Marks and Andrea from La Porte.  Sunni, from Barbara Bush is splitting her time in Children's Services and the Young Adult room.  

We so appreciate the staff that have come to help us out and the branches that are sending them to us.  There is a display in the foyer with their pictures and the branch that loaned them to us.  Please introduce yourself to them and make them feel welcome.  They have really added talents and skills to Kingwood Branch and we thank them.