New Graphic Novels @ HCPL

Batman: Heart of Hush  The Color of Earth  Dark Entries  The Eternal Smile  Ikigami  Mijeong

Greetings to all graphic novel lovers. In this blog post, I present to you worthy mentionables that are new to the HCPL catalog! These are just a few highlights and I tried to vary it up a bit. Enjoy!

Batman: Heart of Hush by Paul Dini tells the story of Batman and his nemesis Hush who sets his eyes on Batman's ex-lover, Catwoman.

The Color of Earth by Kim Dong Hwa is a story about a young Korean girl by the name of Ehwa who helps her widowed mother run a tavern. Their social status isolates them from the rest of the village, but when Ehwa's mother falls in love again, Ehwa's perspective begins to change.

Dark Entries by Ian Rankin tells the story of John Constantine who enters a dark reality-game show in hopes of solving a supernatural murder of a previous contestant. Little does he know, that his own life is at stake and must figure out the mystery while saving his life.

The Eternal Smile by Gene Luen YangDerek Kirk Kim is a fantastical adventure of the worlds we live in and the worlds we create. It is split into 3 stories, mixing fantasy with reality and they are sure to put an eternal smile on your face.

Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit by Motoro Mase introduces you to the world of Ikigami, the Death Notice, where to keep citizens on the straight and narrow path of productivity and prosperity, each day a different citizen is selected for termination. If you like manga series such as Death Note, you will enjoy this manga series as well.

Mijeong by Byun Byung-Jun is a "manhwa" graphic novel (Korean graphic novel as opposed to "manga" which is a Japanese graphic novel). Similar to other "slice-of-life" stories, Byung-Jun paints a melancholic portrait of urban life among a number of characters which inspires readers to see their surroundings in a new perspective.

If there is a series you would like featured, feel free to contact me or post a comment.

Happy reading and cheers to the beginning of October!