New Graphic Novels @ HCPL

Greetings! It is that time again to showcase some of our new titles added to our graphic novels family. For an expanded list of graphic novels, check out our Adult and Young Adult new non-fiction titles.

Batcave Companion Joey Fly, Private Eye Julius Caesar: Graphic Classic Melvin Monster Orange Planet, volume 1

The Batcave Companion by Michael Eury is a must-read for Batman lovers. Read about the Dark Knight's progression from his campy "New Look" of the mid-1960s to his "creature of the night" reinvention of the 1970s and enjoy art-jammed interviews with the numerous writers and illustrators who made Batman who he is today.

Joey Fly, Private Eye in Creepy Crawly Crime by Aaron Reynolds

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare (retold by Michael Ford) is a graphic adaptation of Shakespeare's classic. This is recommended as a supplemental read for those who are visual learners.

Melvin Monster by John Stanley is reissued in a handsome new archival series. This collection features all 10 issues of Melvin Monster, the oddball monster boy who just wants to be good, go to school, and do as he's told.

Orange Planet, Volume 1 by Haruka Fukushima is a "shojo" manga about Rui who doesn't have your typical boy problems. Instead of having the problem of finding love, she has too many boys falling for her!