New Graphic Novels @ HCPL

Greetings! See what new titles we're adding to our graphic novel collection. For an expanded list of graphic novels, check out our Adult, Young Adult and Juvenile new non-fiction titles.

After the Deluge Melusine 1 The Purple Smurf One Fine Day Wilson

A.D.: After the Deluge by Josh Neufeld. Neufeld's award-winning novel narrates the events up to and following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, LA.

Melusine 1 by Gilson

The Purple Smurfs by Peyo. Who would've thought the Smurfs would back?! When a strange fly bites one of the Smurfs, a full-on epidemic develops in the Smurf Village causing the bitten to change purple and crazy! Only Papa Smurf can find a cure!

One Fine Day by Sirial

Wilson by Daniel Clowes. In Clowes' first full length graphic novel, the reader meets a middle-aged and opinionated Wilson in his quest for human companionship.