New Historical Fiction Reads for Teens

Mrs. George Barnett (LOC) from the Library of CongressFor some of us, when we hear “historical fiction,” we immediately look the other way for a different book.  Historical fiction can sometimes seem an awful lot like school.  But for those who read and enjoy the genre, historical fiction isn’t just history, but great, exciting, romantic, mysterious or suspenseful stories that just-so-happen to take place in the past.  Whether you’re already an historical fiction reader or you’re new to the genre, you might consider looking for one of these books that have just come out, are getting ready to come out or are new to our shelves.  What do you recommend?

New Historical Fiction Reads for Teens

love & haight bookjacket

hangman in the mirror bookjacket

the wicked and the just bookjacket

interrupted bookjacket

fitzosbornes in exile bookjacket




other countess bookjacket

my name is not easy bookjacket

traitor's smile bookjacket

poisoned house bookjacket

spirit's princess bookjacket





scarlet bookjacket

cross my heart bookjacket

belle's song bookjacket

battle fatigue bookjacket

in trouble bookjacket





never fall down bookjacket

no crystal stair bookjacket

born wicked bookjacket

blood lie bookjacket

watch that ends the night bookjacket





Flickr No Known Copyright RestrictionsMrs. George Barnett (LOC) Photo from: the Library of Congress