New Horror Reads for Teens

The Crow & The Moon [Explored] by -Dave Morrow-Although it may not feel quite like it here in Houston, we have officially entered fall.  I love fall: the cooler temperatures, the increasing necessity to wear layered clothing, and the holidays and celebrations it includes – like Halloween and Thanksgiving – or really any event that gives me an excuse to eat pie and candy.  With Halloween approaching, you might consider checking out a spooky read to psych yourself up (and out) for the celebration.

New Horror Reads

long lankin bookjacket

infects bookjacket

shadows bookjacket

hallowed ones bookjacket

girl of nightmares bookjacket





something strange and deadly bookjacket

on the day i died bookjacket

the hunt bookjacket

172 hours on the moon bookajcket

dangerous boy bookjacket





dead reckoning bookjacket

little star bookjacket

undead bookjacket

ten bookjacket

amber house bookjacket





such wicked intent bookjacket

the turning bookjacket

alice in zombieland bookjacket

this is not a test bookjacket

the other life bookjacket





Flickr CC: The Crow & The Moon [Explored] Photo by: -Dave Morrow-