New Horror Reads for Teens

Moon Over the Plain by Maggie-MeFall is one of my favorite times of year.  The weather gradually gets cooler, I start shifting the sweaters and knit caps out of storage, and several holidays linger around the corner.  This is also the time of year when many of us like to go see a scary movie, visit a creepy haunted house, or pick up a frightening read.  If you’re in the mood for horror, consider picking up one of these titles that are newly released or new to our shelves.  What great horror reads do you recommend?



New Horror Reads for Teens

monsters bookjacketcoldest girl in coldtown bookjacketspirit and dust bookjacketidentity theft bookjacketdarkness strange & lovely bookjacket







the circle bookjacketcontaminated bookjacketlife's a witch bookjacketsacrifice bookjacketextremities bookjacket







in the after bookjacketthe haunting of gabriel ashe bookjacketanother little piece bookjacketasylum bookjacketwatcher in the shadows bookjacket







zom-b angels bookjacketseven minutes in heaven bookjacketthe fury bookjacketmidsummer night's scream bookjacketthe waking dark bookjacket






Flickr CC: Moon Over the Plain Photo by: Maggie-Me