New Laws May Affect YOU

The Fairbanks Library takes seriously our responsibility to keep you informed. That’s why the librarian has a bulletin board in the lobby for posting news items that may affect you. One of the items on the bulletin board right now is a list of new state laws that go into effect on September 1. Some of these are:

·         All occupants of a vehicle must wear seatbelts, even in back seats.
·         All children under 4’9” tall must use a child safety seat when in a vehicle.
·         It is illegal to use a cell phone while driving through a school zone unless using a hands-free device.
·         The penalties for driving while intoxicated with a child in the vehicle have been increased.
·         To get a motorcycle license, you have to have taken an approved operator training course.

There are many other new laws. You can see more of them on the bulletin board in our lobby (next to the water fountain) or at the Dept. of Public Safety web site.