New Mystery & Suspense Reads for Teens

Sherlock Holmes Monkey by zoomarI’m a big fan of mystery and suspense.  I love trying to piece everything together and figure out the puzzle, but I enjoy even more when I’m surprised by a twist in the end.  Below I’ve listed some mystery and suspense novels that are either newly released or new to our shelves.  What do you recommend?




New Mystery & Suspense Reads for Teens

spirit and dust bookjacketrules for disappearing bookjacketclockwork scarab bookjacketflicker and burn bookjacketschool spirits bookjacket







the girl who was supposed to die bookjacketgolden bookjacketfire storm bookjacketbelladonna bookjacketthornhill bookjacket







this side of jealousy bookjacketthe s-word bookjacketsweet dead life bookjacketthis is war bookjacketpicture me gone bookjacket







rebel spirits bookjacketseven minutes in heaven bookjacketink bookjacketprep school confidential bookjacketspies and prejudice bookjacket






Flickr CC: Sherlock Holmes Monkey Photo by: zoomar