New Orleans

Next Tuesday is a day that means “Party!” to many people.

Mardi Gras!

And when it comes to Mardi Gras, most of us think of two place: Rio de Janeiro or New Orleans.  Of course, New Orleans is much closer and therefore more likely for a destination celebration.

While the city has been a center of commerce and tourism, it has also been a place of art, literature, and – perhaps most known -- music.  Artists over the decades have found homes there.  Numerous movies have been set or filmed there.  Writers have been inspired by the area and its history, as well as the legends of intrigue -- and maybe even magic.

But the music.  It’s difficult to think of New Orleans without thinking of jazz.  It is a part of the city’s heart and soul.  Whether through times of joy or moments of sadness, the music reflects the spirit of the people.  No visit to the Crescent City is complete without experiencing the music and joy.

Not so long ago, there was concern that that joy was gone.  Hurricane Katrina did so much damage, many said New Orleans would never recover.  But those naysayers did not count on the resiliency of the city and its people.

For a look at New Orleans through the lens of storytellers and documentarians, check out the titles below.  And celebrate a great American city.

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Cruising America’s Waterways. The Mississippi River, Memphis to New Orleans
New Orleans


Mardi Gras
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Flickr: CC          : Mardi Gras Mask Mardi Gras 2012          Photo by Praline3001

Flickr: CC          : New Orleans - Algiers: Robert E. Nims Jazz Walk of Fame - Louis D. Armstrong    
          Photo by Wally Gobetz