A New Orleans Visit

new orleans bourbon street sign

Since I was raised in the New Orleans area, I always like to read mysteries set in N.O., 
to see if the author got things right and to take a mental trip back home. Burn by Nevada Barr tells the story of Anna Pigeon, a National Park Service ranger, who is taking administrative leave after being wounded in the line of duty. She heads to New Orleans to visit a friend and to heal. While there she encounters a creepy guy named Jordan, who is not what he seems. Voodoo pops up and she finds herself trying to find kidnapped children, who may have been sold into sexual slavery. Barr gets the N.O. setting dead on, and the story is intriguing, although disturbing in some parts. Anna Pigeon is a recurring character in Barr’s mysteries and I’ll be reading more of her books, even the ones not set in N’Awlins.