New Realistic Fiction Reads for Teens

Houston at Dusk by Stuck in CustomsWhat exactly is realistic fiction?  Realistic fiction features characters and situations that seem like they could reasonably exist and that could realistically happen.   Whether you’re already a fan of realistic fiction or you’re interested in giving realistic fiction a chance, you might consider looking for one of these books that have just come out or are new to our shelves.  What do you recommend?

New Realistic Fiction Reads for Teens

me and earl and the dying girl bookjacket

gil marsh bookjacket

never eighteen bookjacket

the edumacation of jay baker bookjacket

when you open your eyes bookjacket





dont' breathe a word bookjacket

someone else's life bookjacket

riding out the storm bookjacket

what boys really want bookjacket

the fine art of truth or dare bookjacket





the disenchantments bookjacket

dj rising bookjacket

dead to you bookjacket

trafficked bookjacket

boy 21 bookjacket





the children and the wolves bookjacket

curveball bookjacket

where it began bookjacket

double bookjacket

beneath a meth moon bookjacket





Flickr CCHouston at Dusk Photo by: Stuck in Customs