New Science Fiction & Fantasy Reads for Teens

Steampunk Clockwork Spider Brass and Copper Wire Sculpture by Catherinette Rings SteampunkWhether you’re already an avid Sci-Fi/Fantasy reader or you’re new to the genres, you might consider looking for one of these books that have just come out or are new to our shelves.  What do you recommend?

New Science Fiction & Fantasy Reads for Teens


above bookjacket

gathering storm bookjacket

halflings bookjacket

dragonswood bookjacket





after the snow bookjacket

tempest bookjacket

bewitching bookjacket

172 hours bookjacket

stolen away bookjacket





obsidian blade bookjacket

loss bookjacket

glimmer bookjacket

froi of the exiles bookjacket

faery tales and nightmares bookjacket





incarnate bookjacket

cinder bookjacket

catastrophic history bookjacket

under the never sky bookjacket

temptation of angels bookjacket





Flickr CCSteampunk Clockwork Spider Brass and Copper Wire Sculpture Photo by: Catherinette Rings Steampunk