New Texas Lone Stars!

lone star logoEach year the Texas Library Association announces a new Lone Star List.  With great reads for students in grades 6 through 8, the Lone Star List is meant to encourage us all to read just for the fun of it!  What are your favorite Lone Stars?




2014 Lone Star List

sasquatch in the paint bookjacket

the testing bookjacketwarp bookjacketvengekeep prophecies bookjacketlast dragonslayer bookjacket







summer of the mariposas bookjacketwarriors heart bookjacketschool spirits bookjacketungifted bookjacketa matter of days bookjacket







the boy on the wooden box bookjacketask my mood ring how i feel bookjacketcolin fischer bookjacketfor darkness shows the stars bookjacketthe rithmatist bookjacket







lincoln's grave robbers bookjacketscreaming staircase bookjacketone came home bookjacketnavigating early bookjacketpoison bookjacket