New Treasures at San Jacinto Museum of History

Banner from website of the San Jacinto Monument and MuseumA signed photographic portrait of Sam Houston and an original signed letter from General Santa Anna have been added to the collection at the San Jacinto Museum of History. The photograph of Sam Houston was taken approximately between 1858 and 1863, the year of his death; it shows Houston seated. The portrait was discovered by Dr. Jim Harris of Tyler in an antique store in Las Vegas. An article in The Bayshore Sun [Oct. 28, 2009, pg. 4, Sect. A] states: “This type of photograph is rare: a minimal number of portraits of Sam Houston currently exist. The fact that this portrait is signed by Sam Houston himself is extraordinarily rare”.

The second item added is the document “Farewell of General Santa Anna to the Texan Army”. It was dictated by Santa Anna when he was a prisoner of war at Velasco after the Battle of San Jacinto. The date on the letter is June 1, 1836.

The new acquistions will be available for public viewing in early 2010. For more information, visit the website of the San Jacinto Museum or call 281-479-2421.