New Year -- and a New Path

It’s a new year.  And, of course, when there’s a new year, people start thinking of their new year’s resolutions.
When it comes to resolutions, we first think of ways to improve ourselves.  Number one is usually our health.  We’re going to get in shape, lose weight, get healthy.  Number two is often about our finances.  Save money, make a budget and stick to it, control our spending.  Sometimes we want to improve ourselves in other ways.  Learn something new.  Cooking.  Dancing.  (Hey, those could help with the health and fitness resolution…)  Or maybe we decide this is the year to do some home improvement, either inside or outside.

Whatever calls to you this year, you might need some inspiration or maybe even some instruction for getting on the right path.  Check some of the titles below and get started on a brand new year and a brand new you.


Health and Fitness for Beginners

Bob Harper Beginners Weight Loss Transformation
Jillian Michaels for Beginners
Pilates for Beginners
Tracy Anderson. The Method for Beginners
Yoga Zone – for Beginners

Healthy Finances

Financial Recovery
Suze Orman’s Financial Solutions for You
Suze Orman’s Money Class
Your Life, Your Money

New Recipes

America’s Test Kitchen
Cook’s Country
The Everyday Gourmet
Martha Stewart



Ballroom Dancing for Beginners
Country Dancing for Beginners
Introduction to Ballroom Dancing
Latin Dancing for Beginners


Home Improvement

America’s Handyman Glenn Haege
Dare to Repair
Fix It in a Flash
Holmes on Homes
Positive Home Solutions
Remodeling with Scott Gardner



The Art and Practice of Gardening
How to Grow Anything
Rebecca’s Garden

Have a wonderful, healthy New Year!


Flickr: CC          : another morning in Galveston          Photo by Jim