A Nice Place to Visit...

There was a time when the majority of people lived in rural areas.  It made sense.  There was opportunity for owning land.  Maybe you’d farm.  Maybe have a ranch.  In wooded areas, you might have a lumber business.  On coasts, you could fish.  Perhaps you could have a business that would cater to these folks.  And, of course, there was always the possibility of working for someone in any of these industries.

Then came the Industrial Revolution.  People started leaving the rural areas for the cities, where there were manufacturing jobs.  And that led to growing businesses of all kinds.  Cities were busy and exciting.  And that trend has never slowed down. Today, the majority of people live in urban areas.

So it’s no surprise that movies and television have followed suit.  More and more films and TV series are set in cities, mostly New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.  Yet we do still like the idea of living in a small town somewhere.  A place where we know our neighbors and have a quieter life than the cities offer us.  Yes, it’s idealized.  But what’s wrong with that?

Below I’ve listed some of my favorite fictional small towns of TV.  Places where interesting people reside and interesting things happen.  Sometimes the events are a little too interesting.  Some really nice places to visit. 

But would we really want to live there?


Cabot Cove, Maine (Murder, She Wrote)
Cicely, Alaska (Northern Exposure)
Dibley, England (The Vicar of Dibley)
Dog River, Saskatchewan (Corner Gas)
Eureka, Oregon (Eureka)
Mayberry, North Carolina (The Andy Griffith Show)
New Bedford, Ontario (Wind at My Back)
Pawnee, Indiana (Parks and Recreation)
Stars Hollow, Connecticut (Gilmore Girls)
Walton’s Mountain, Virginia (The Waltons)

Is there a small town on TV you'd like to visit?


Flickr:     CC          :  Dog River          Photo by JDB


Does Portwenn, the quirky

Does Portwenn, the quirky village in Doc Martin, count? That's at the top of my list, as I have fond memories of the beauty of Cornwall and the friendliness of the natives.

Absolutely! I'm rather

Absolutely! I'm rather ashamed I didn't think of it myself. Portwenn is a great example.

Thanks for writing!