Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla portraitYou might ask who is Nikola Tesla.

We have all heard of Thomas Alva Edison - the man behind the first commercially efficient light bulb and the direct current (DC). However, during the same time, Tesla and George Westinghouse - the man who funded Tesla's works -  were demonstrating how an alternating current (AC) was more practical to develop since it could transmit electricity to further distances than Edison's direct current and require even thinner wires. This is not unlike other competitions we have seen since then: the VHS/Betamax format war or the Apple vs Microsoft operating system battle or, the more current, Apple and Samsung smartphone war.

The Battle of Currents had begun and in the end the United States electrical grid switched to the AC form of electric power.

Aside from this, Tesla worked on several other things including a tower which

harnessed what he called the Tesla effect. This was a tower which could power a city using wireless electricity. Construction of the so called Wardenclyffe Tower began in 1901 but it was never completed due to lack of funding. Tesla is also noted to have worked on x-ray experimentation, radio controlled boats, and even a particle gun.

So who was Nikola Tesla? He was a Siberian-American inventor, a genius and a futurist who spoke 8 languages and had a photographic memory. He was born in 1856 and passed away in 1943 at the age of 86. He is a man time simply forgot. And so in honor of his birthday, July 10, the Jacinto City Library staff decided to pay him homage with this simple blog.

Flickr CC: Nikola Tesla painted portrait _DDC3442: thierry ehrmann