NonFiction Rocks!

Have you participated in our summer reading genre challenge yet?  This week we are focusing on NonFiction.

Why read nonfiction?  A well-written, perfectly edited oral history is like attending a cocktail party with the most interesting people -- moving from group to group and hearing everyone's version of a story.  These biographies, histories, and memoirs explore the struggles and triumphs of people as they experience everything from grieving for a loved one to breaking professional ground in their fields. Some are famous and some aren't, but they each have a unique story. 

There are just so many topics to choose from!  Perhaps you want to Feng Shui your life.  Do you want to read the latest by Joel OsteenTrue Crime can be quite suspenseful.  Perhaps you want to learn French.  A book about dinosaurs can be quite informative.  Sometimes you just want to cook something different.  Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen yourself?  Why don't you check out an artistic masterpiece by DaVinci?  Are you looking for a laugh?  Perhaps you would like to travel to a distant land without leaving your couch.  You can do all this and more by just picking up a book!

And don't forget, if you read 5 different genres, you recieve an entry for our grand prize basket which includes 4 tickets to the Alamo Drafthouse, a $25 gift certificate to Katy Budget Books, and a Kindle Fire HD.